Border standoff casts shadow on China Xi's visit to India


By Frank Jack Daniel NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian and Chinese soldiers pulled back from a stand-off on a Himalayan plateau on Thursday, helping salvage the mood during a rare visit by China’s President Xi Jinping to New Delhi aimed at opening a new phase in cooperation between Asia’s giants. Dozens of soldiers from both sides had faced off on the Ladakh plateau in the western Himalayas for over a week in a dispute about construction in the border region that threatened to overshadow Xi’s talks with India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi. …
Source: Reuters
Happy birthday to my main damie @melosn a friend of nearly 2 decades.

Happy birthday to my main damie @melosn a friend of nearly 2 decades.



When you see me show me your bachelors, show me your masters. That’s the best thing you can do for me, as my fan.


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I love the way Nicki encourages people with education. I’ve seen her ask about report cards on Twitter and tell young people to bring their C’s up to B’s and B’s up to A’s. And this quote is too awesome. ❤

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White supremacy was more than just a belief held by individuals. It was an entire social structure designed through law and policy to subordinate African Americans and channel an unequal share of colonial wealth to European Americans. The freedom and opportunities that white Americans perceived as their birthright were the direct result of denying those rights to black people. White colonists in the seventeenth century were fully aware that their rising fortunes depended on American slavery.

— Greta de Jong, InvisibleEnemy: The African American Freedom Struggle after 1965, 2010, pg. 13 (via daughterofzami)

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